4 Reasons to consider WINTER portraits

With all the snow we’ve gotten lately, I’ve done a little shooting outside during the weather!  It’s made me think a lot about why more clients should have their sessions in the winter!  Here are my top four!

1) The opportunity for SNOW in your portraits!!

In Virginia, we don’t typically get a lot of snow!  Although, I think all the snow in this winter season is a major anomaly!  So if you are lucky enough to catch some down here it’s a really unique backdrop for your portrait session!

Steph, Snow Day, Lynchburg Winter Session, Pink Hat, Blue Jacket, Blowing Snow, Black Pants

Alex, Snow Day, Lynchburg Winter Session, White Hat, Brown Jacket, Sitting, Standing, Brown Boots, Jeans, Woods,, Brunette

I photographed John & Bridget’s engagement session in downtown Lynchburg on the Blackwater Creek trail and we just happened to find a little bit of snow left for their session!

John & Bridge, Lynchburg Engagement Engagement Session, Snow, White Cardigan, Gray Jeans, Blue Jeans, Pale Green Button up Shirt, Brunette, WInter

For Kaleigh & Austin’s winter mini session we held out until the snow fell last week just so that we could have that beautiful white blanketed ground!  The falling snow made for a dreamy backdrop for the two of them!

Kaleigh and Austin, Lynchburg Mini Winter Engagement Session, Kissing, Gray Hat, Red Scarf, Red Gloves, Jeans, Black Jacket, Wood Bridge, Snow, Hugging, Picking her upKaleigh and Austin, Lynchburg Mini Winter Engagement Session, Wood Bridge, Street Lamp, Holding Hands, Gray Hat, Jeans, Black Jacket, Red Gloves, Red Scarf, SnowKaleigh and Austin, Lynchburg Mini Winter Engagement Session, Red Scarf, Red Nail Polish, Kissing her forehead, Black Jackets, Jeans, Snow

Perhaps you are an avid winter athlete or lover of a winter sport?  Snow and winter is the perfect opportunity to showcase your passion for a particular sport or hobby!  I would love to photograph someone who would like to incorporate their love for a winter activity!  Skiers, hockey players, figure skaters, snowboarders, snowshoe-ers, whatever you love to do that involves snow or winter – let’s photograph it!

Alex and Steph Snow Day, Lynchburg Winter Session, Brown Jacket, Blue Jacket, Brown Boots, Jeans, Pink Hat, Beige Scarf, White Skates, Figure Skating, Winter Sports, woods

This lady is member of the Liberty University Figure Skating team!

Maria, Lynchburg Winter Session, Blue Dress, Figure Skating, Skates, LaHaye Ice Center, Liberty University

A big BONUS for photographers – snow is a perfect natural reflector!  The white bounces the light right back up towards the face and fills in things like dark circles and brightens up eyes and skin!

2) You can show off fantastic winter outfits!

Obviously it’s chillier out and we want you to be as comfortable as possible when shooting!  So – layers, layers, layers!  The colder weather is the perfect time to show off a great sweater and boot combination!  Israel & Brianna’s engagement session was photographed in February of last year near the Awareness Garden on Blackwater Creek Bikeway and their outfits were great for colder weather!

Brianna & Israel, Lynchburg Winter Engagement Session 2014, Awareness Garden, Blackwater Creek Bike way, Brown boots, Blush shirt, Blue Plaid Button up shirt, Jeans, Stone wall, Brick sidewalkBrianna & Israel, Lynchburg Winter Engagement Session 2014, Awareness Garden, Blackwater Creek Bike way, Black boots, White Shirt, Black Sweater, Pink Skirt, Gray Dress Pants, Woods

If you have a winter coat or other cold weather accessories like gloves, hats, or scarves, show them off too!  In Lynchburg, the winter season usually means bare trees as a natural backdrop so incorporating brighter colors into your session wardrobe will really pop in the images!

Alex, Snow Day, Lynchburg Winter Session, Coral Winter Jacket, Jeans, Brown Boots, Beige Knit Scarf, Black Gloves, Wood Fence, Woods, Trees

Steph, Snow Day, Lynchburg Winter Session, Wood Fence, Pink Hat, Blue Jacket, Brown Boots, Jeans, Woods

Even a cozy blanket isn’t out of place in the winter!

John & Bridget, Lynchburg Winter Engagement Session, Red, Yellow, Blue, Checkered Blanket, Wind, Smiling, Pink Shirt, Woods

3) Take advantage of the holiday season occurring during the winter season!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day are just some of the main holidays that fall during the winter months!  If Christmas is your favorite holiday, perhaps you would like to photograph with beautiful twinkling lights or Christmas trees as a backdrop.  What about New Year’s Eve?  I’d love to do a fantastic 1920’s themed New Year’s Eve session!  Any takers!

In 2013, I photographed a gorgeous bridal session during a heavy snowstorm that had a bit of a Christmas/Little Red Riding Hood type of theme!  It was really a fantastic session and Jackie did a really stellar job of modeling even though it was cold and snowy!

Jackie, Lynchburg Winter Wedding Session 2013, Wedding Dress, Red Belt, Red Cape, Little Red Riding Hood, White Flowers, Baby's Breathe, WoodsJackie, Lynchburg Winter Wedding Session 2013, Little Red Riding Hood, Wedding Dress, Red Cape, Red Belt, Red Apple, Picnic, Woods, High Shot, Clock, Bread, Candle, Flowers, LanternJackie, Lynchburg Winter Wedding Session, Red Apples, Lantern, Red Cape, Little Red Riding Hood, Clock, SnowJackie, Lynchburg Winter Wedding Session, Wedding Dress, Red Belt, Leopard Print Brown Jacket, Snow, Woods

Jessica & Jeremy wanted to celebrate their anniversary and have a family Christmas image at the same time!  The weather was perfect and the sunset was beautiful and golden!  Isn’t their little fur baby adorable in his winter outfits!?


Jeremy & Jessica, Lynchburg Family Anniversary Winter Session, Couple, Dog, Puppy, Santa Claus, Stripped Shirt, Teal

4) The characteristics of the winter season that are beneficial to photography!

The change in winter light is great for photographing during winter months!  During the winter, the sun’s path through the sky is closer to the horizon which means that the natural light is softer.  This means less harsh shadows and beautiful filtered sunlight through the atmosphere!

Also, the sun rises later and sun sets earlier during winter days so morning sessions need not be at literally the crack of dawn and no need to wait til 7 PM for that gorgeous golden hour light!  You can shoot at 4 PM and still be able to go out on the town that evening!

Jeremy & Jessica, Lynchburg Family Anniversary Winter Session, Couple, Wood Fence, Dusk, Setting Sun, Hugging

If winter is the perfect season for your senior session, engagement or portrait session, or wedding  – let’s get in touch!

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