A New Phase of Jae Studios and Life

A little back story – my husband and I have always had a passion for and been involved with high school and college aged students.  In March 0f 2013 God led us to Forest Community Church and we began serving as the college aged ministry leaders soon after. Blog Graphic Phase of LifeLast spring, we seriously considered relocating to Ohio to take a youth pastorate but felt God’s plan for us was to remain.

We planned to pay off more debt and transition my part time photography to my full time over the next year or so.  In an unexpected turn of events, I became unemployed just before Thanksgiving. This was not what we’d planned and I questioned whether we had made the right decision.  If the plan was for me to lose my job, would it have been better for us to have taken the position in Ohio?Blog Graphic Phase of Life House Mom

I applied a few places but during the holiday season most places weren’t really in the hiring mindset. I enjoyed the change of being home.  It was nice to finish some projects I had put off and finally be up to date on housework.  To be honest, I was dreading going back to work full time but financially there didn’t seem to be another option.

However, God had another plan all together. This year God grew the college group to have about 50 active students. Several needed housing and we were able to rent rooms in our home.  In January, I became house mom to three college students, my sister, and my husband.  My husband and I accepted the position of youth leaders at Forest Community Church as well and began serving in that capacity as well in February.  January marked the start of Bryce working the overnight shift and the change in sleeping habits has not been easy for him.  It has been a blessing that I can take on more of the share of duties since I am not working. God knew that I would need to remain at home to accomplish all the tasks He has for us in 2015.Blog Graphic Phase of Life God Provides

Let’s just say there have been a LOT of changes to our lives in the past four months!   I focused a lot of time personally into making photography my full time income.   This has resulted in the the launching of the new website and branding but I am working on lots of other things behind the scenes!

It has been quite scary and uncertain at times but I know that “where God guides, God provides” and He certainly has provided in more ways than I can count.  I know that 2015 is going to be a tremendous year in so many ways and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!


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