The Era of the Mall Santa is Over!

Why you should book a SANTA’S HOUSE CALL session this holiday season!

It used to be the norm.  Trek the kids to the shopping mall on a weekend, struggle to find a parking spot, walk the 5 miles to “Santa’s Village” to see the jolly old elf.  

When you arrive, you’re in line with the many other families who decided to do the same thing.   It’s a literal echo chamber of whining, crying, and temper tantrums with upbeat holiday music as a background track. 

Your child’s patience is stretched thin after 3 minutes, they break into tears when their turn arrives or absolutely refuse to see Santa at all. 

It’s a holiday tradition so that’s the way it has to be, right?  

Thankfully, there’s another way to experience Santa during the holidays!  

Santa holding an infant up to a Christmas tree

At Santa’s House Call our goal is to make visiting Santa a magical experience for your children (AND THE PARENTS!)! NOT a chore to be completed!

There are a few reasons why you should schedule a personal session with Santa over a random stop at the local mall on a Tuesday and I’m going to detail them below!  Read on! 

One reason a personal Santa’s House Call session is superior is that your time with Santa is exclusive, customized, and personal to you and your children!

For children who attend, there are so many benefits!

  • They can see the same Santa each year!
  • Santa can customize their discussion to your child’s personal interests or gift desires each year. We send out a questionnaire to gather information about any special interests or requests!
  • They can warm up to Santa!  30 minutes is usually plenty of time for most children to warm up to Santa and allow us to create some beautiful imagery of them interacting.  Even the kiddos whose first reaction is not a happy one!
  • Your child’s interaction is not limited to only a posed portrait.  Although, we do get those at the majority of sessions!  There are options for multiple backdrops or locations (especially at Riverview sessions!) and we can allow your child to lead interaction indoors or outdoors that will give them the most comfort.  

For parents, the benefit of Santa’s House Call sessions is convenience and ease!  

  • You can select a slot that works best for you, your children, and your holiday plans!  Arrive just for that time – no waiting and not knowing exactly how long it will take!  
  • We provide additional resources to help you prepare for the session and support your experience!  We have a

Secondly, a personalized Santa House Call session provides greater control over the environment during the session and the overall experience itself.   

  • Santa’s House Call controls your personal session’s studio location and environment by only having you/your family in the space during your time. 
  • Children will not witness other negative experiences with Santa (like in a mall environment) and are free to experience him naturally.
  • A more extended session allows for more warming up or customization for children that may have sensory concerns.  
  • We can introduce toys or activities that are of personal interest to your child or go outside if their activity level is higher.
  • We have an ongoing working relationship between our Santa and photographer!  We use this professional skill and experience to work synergistically together during the session!

Ultimately, what is the result of improving these two areas?  

Santa’s House Call clients receive MORE and BETTER images from having a personal session!

  • More images are included in a personal session!
  • More variety in the backdrop and/or locations!
  • More variety in the types of images created! 
  • More variety in the child’s expression!

Want to see a sample client gallery?  Click Here 

We’d love to see you at Santa’s House Call this holiday season! 


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