PERSONAL | Valentine’s Day 2013

Yes – I know it’s almost exactly one month since Valentine’s Day of this year but I really wanted to share with you all my very eventful day! 

I awoke on Valentine’s Day to a wonderful card from my husband waiting for me as I got ready for work.  I always look forward to his cards.  He brought me notes and cards all through our dating and engagement.  My husband is the most thoughtful man I know!  I am truly blessed to have married him!  I honestly can’t imagine and sometimes remember life without him.  Plus, He knows the way to my heart – Hershey’s chocolate!  I love you honey!

Valentine's Day Gifts 2013

Some of you who follow my Facebook page, may remember that one of my younger sister’s – Brittany, got engaged on February 6th!  Congratulations once again to Britt & Tim!  Here are some images that I took of the beautiful ring that her fiance’ gave her! 

Lynchburg Engagement Ring Images

How does that relate to Valentine’s Day?  Well . . . . on the corner of my office desk that Valentine’s morning was this . . . .

A VALENTINE FROM MY SISTER . . . She sweetly asked if I would be one of her bridesmaids and of course, I said yes!  I can’t wait to share this special day with her!

How did you ask your bridemaids?

Lastly, Pepper is our 4 year old dachshund mix who happened to have her very first dental treatment on Valentine’s Day.  Pepper is my first fur baby and I admit, I was nervous!  My husband dropped her off that morning, the vet put her under to clean her teeth and then kept her for the rest of the day.  My youngest sister, Alex, picked her up and Pepper snuggled with her til I got home!  She was really out of it from the drugs and pain medication after the procedure.  I don’t know if you can tell how sleepy she appears in the top photos.  Look at her little IV wrap, so cute (don’t judge me I love my dog)!

Vet Visit Dental Check Up

A few hours later she was more interested in eating her dinner.  We had to soak her dry food for a day or so since her mouth was sore! She patiently waited for her dinner to get soggy so she could eat!  Then she went back to sleep!  Adorable!

Vet Visit Dental Check Up 
Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

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