SENIORS | Alexandra, Liberty University Class of 2014

So, what is there to say about this senior portrait session?  Why might I say that to start off – because there is literally TOO much to say!  This senior is pretty special to me and Jae Studios!  Alexandra is my youngest sister and the last in our family to finally graduate from college!

I have three younger sisters and surprisingly, Alex and I are the most alike.  We’ve always been close since we were young.  Since her junior year in college, she’s lived with my husband and I as she finished her program here in Lynchburg. In fact, my husband says we are so alike it’s like having two of me!

This spring she graduated from Liberty University with her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing!  To be honest, when she first said she wanted to be a nurse in high school I was skeptical.  Handling blood and crazy injuries, giving out shots, I figured she’d decide it wasn’t for her.  She completely proved me wrong!  She studied hard and she is so looking forward to being a nurse!  Bring on those NCLEX exams!

Alex has appeared on the blog formally two different times (Here and Here!).  However, this girl has appeared informally pretty much everywhere else (Facebook profile pics anyone!).   Sometimes, she wants to shoot more than me!  On a serious note though, congratulations on your graduation sis!  We’re proud of you! 

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