Santa’s House Call: Tips for Photos with Santa

Whether it’s your fifth-time or first-time attending Santa’s House Call, there are still things you can do to prepare your children for their session photos with Santa!

Santa’s House Call is committed to providing you the best images of your child possible and those great photos begin before you even arrive at your session!

So here are my tips for success at Santa’s House Call!

Santa holding a baby and looking at the camera with a shocked expression.

Look out for these four things for your children:

  1. Health – Any child feeling under the weather won’t be themselves and won’t have as great of an experience as when feeling well.  Santa’s House Call takes all their clients’ health and wellness very seriously.  You can view our full wellness policy and COVID guidelines here.  
  2. Full belly – Any hungry child will not be a happy child!  Plan accordingly to avoid having hangry children meeting Santa.  
  3. Well rested – Try to do your best to choose a time that your child will be happiest taking into account their nap time or just after.  
  4. Clean – You’ve spent time selecting their outfits and getting them ready!  It’s the worst when all of a sudden, they’ve spilled something or gotten wrinkled.  One strategy is to arrive early (as we request) and change your children in the car when you get here.  
Santa's hand holding a story book implying the reading for the story book to a young girl.

Leave your expectations at the door! 

  1. We have set up Santa’s House Call to allow us to capture your individual child(ren)’s interaction with Santa.  There is enough time for your child to warm up to Santa.  Our experienced Santa can respond based on your child’s emotions, expressions, and reactions.   We encourage you to allow that to happen naturally and for YOU to be in the moment watching your child experience Santa.  We will totally direct or guide activities for your children as needed. 
  2. Be okay with whatever reaction your child has!  It will be a wonderful memory no matter what!  
Santa sitting with a little boy in his toy bag.

Start the introduction early!

If your child has never met Santa, their Santa’s House Call session might not be the best time to introduce them for the first time. 

Beginning to introduce Santa in advance of your session date – present him by reading stories, watch a movie, talk about the upcoming session and maybe even write a letter to Santa (if older in age).  

I’m sending a few festive “Letters to Santa” designs to all my clients to use (if they desire) with their children and bring to give to Santa at their session!

A little girl smiling in front of a Christmas tree, while her little brother hides behind her and the little sister in her lap stares up mesmerized by Santa.

Plan to bring something!

If you think your child still might have some nerves meeting Santa, consider bringing a favorite toy, stuffy, or book that your child would like to share with Santa.  Be sure to only bring something that you feel comfortable being included in imagery.  

We look forward to working with you this season!  



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