PORTRAITS | Summer Maternity Session in Lynchburg, VA

Emily is another client that I’ve known personally for a long time!  I’ve photographed just about everybody in her family over the past five to six years! For me, capturing the same client or family’s milestones over a period of time is one of the greatest joys of being a photographer!  In front of my camera lens, Emily has celebrated the milestones of being a high school senior, a bride, and now a mom-to-be!

Emily was such a trooper during our session!  It was already a hot and humid summer day and only made more grueling by the fact that she was 39 weeks pregnant at the time!  I know what I felt like as my due date approached in March and boy was I glad that I wasn’t due in the summertime!

Can’t wait to photograph their little newborn when she arrives!


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