John & Tori | A sunrise proposal and engagement session at McAfee’s Knob, Roanoke, VA

I love being a part of surprise proposals!

When John reached out to me about photographing his sunrise proposal to Tori at McAfee’s Knob last November – I was all in! This was actually my second trip to up this section of the Appalachian Trail for a proposal it was just as awesome!

John had told Tori they were going to take a nice few days away – just the two of them and their pups. They drove in from the northern Virginia to hike the trail up to the knob. He told Tori that they should take some nice pictures as a family of 4 when they got there. So, they came prepared – a tent for changing, extra clothes, and a little heater to stay warm! Boy was it chilly!

I got headed up the trail early to set up and wait for them to arrive! John and I kept each other up to date on our hiking progress. It was a good thing I grabbed my headlamp before I headed up because it was dark!
We had hoped the weather would hold off but the cloud cover moved in pretty fast that morning and ended up leaving us a pretty fog for their propsal and engagement session.

When they finally arrived, they assumed that I was a photographer hoping to get some good landscape shots of the Knob if the cloud cover broke, and went out getting ready for their picture on the Knob! They changed and got the camera set up for their family picture!

John, Tori and the dogs took a peek over the edge and as they were turning around to set up the pose – that’s when John dropped to one knee and proposed!

Tori was still taking it all in and a little confused as to why I was there obviously interested in them! Honestly, my favorite part of surprise proposals is the photographer REVEAL and showing them some of the images! I’m so glad that I could be there!

Congratulations John & Tori!


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