Happy Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day yesterday, I wanted to share some of my favorite father daughter moments from some of my Jae Studios brides and their dads as well as several weddings I’ve assisted on over the past three years!  Each dad is different –  some dads’ shed tears, others absorb the day quietly, and still others offer support and laughter as they enjoy your wedding day with you!  Most dad’s do all of the above and more!

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The moment when the bride’s dad sees her for the first time in her wedding dress is a special moment!  It’s usually when dads’ realize it’s their little girl’s WEDDING day!!



Coming down the aisle is another great moment to for father’s of the brides’ on the wedding day!  Julie’s dad only has eyes for her and Hilary’s dad was her strong support as they headed down the aisle!

Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0035Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0044Breana’s father gave her a kiss at the church door entryway of their aisle and I love how Kari’s dad reassuringly squeezed her hand as they approached her groom!Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0038Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0036Rebecca’s dad thoughtfully walks her down the brick pathway to where she’ll say “I Do!” in just a few moments!
Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0050The father and daughter dance at the reception is another moment that capture at most weddings and it’s usually a treat!


If you and your father have a lighthearted and fun relationship, the father/daughter dance is a great way to highlight that!  Jessica and her dad did a fantastic choreographed father/daughter dance and really brought the house down!Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0031Kari and Addie and their fathers’ were full of smiles and laughter as they danced to the music!Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0047Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0041Hilary’s dad held her close and enjoyed their sweet father/daughter dance!Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0043Breana’s father shed a tear while they swayed across the dance floor while both Bridget and her dad cried during their father/daughter dance!
Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0040Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0045Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0046I think this look from Rebecca’s dad just says it all!  So much love from this dad to his daughter!Father-Daughter-JaeStudios-Lynchburg-Virginia-Wedding-Photographer-Photos_0048

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  I hope it was a wonderful day and included those new son in laws!


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