Hannah & Isaiah – a summer engagement session in Lynchburg, VA

Hannah & Isaiah were friends first. They were introduced at a Tim Hawkins concert on the campus of Liberty University in the fall of 2016. People around them saw their connection and compatibility long before they did and thought it was only a matter of time. They were right.

My husband and I remember the evening of their first date in March of 2018. Their best friend, Leilani, had come to college group solo that night which was abnormal. Finally, she couldn’t keep the news to herself any longer! Her two best friends were on their first date and she was anxiously awaiting to hear how it went! I’d say successfully – they went out for ice cream at Cold Stone and talked at Snow Flex. Isaiah succinctly announced to everyone at our next group meeting that he and Hannah were dating, holding up their hands linked together.

Starting in December of 2018, the countdown to the proposal began with letter numbered 10. It counted down to 0 with reasons why Isaiah loved Hannah. He took her on a driving tour of all the milestone places in their relationship. They walked around downtown Lynchburg and went back to her house to play dominoes on the back porch. After the game was finished, Isaiah handed Hannah letter 0 and asked her to marry him!

Read on to find out more about Hannah and Isaiah below!

They both graduated from Liberty University in the last year. Isaiah is a teacher and loves it! Hannah is a connoisseur of “I Don’t Know?” and owns it.
It could be watching a movie, playing a board or card game, going for a walk or sitting doing nothing – relaxing is their favorite activity to do together.
Hannah sometimes had difficulty conveying what she’s thinking. So, one time, Hannah wanted to say something romantic. She said “fruit loops”.” She never did it again.
Hannah loves that Isaiah understands her even when she doesn’t understand herself.
Isaiah loves how patient and understanding she is. Whenever he’s going through something or has a problem, she listens without judging.
To quote Hannah, “Isaiah’s puns are the worst and make me physically ill.” I (Janine) asked Isaiah to whisper something to Hannah and I knew it would be a pun. So this picture is all my fault ;-)!
They both love Doctor Who and Lego video games are always welcome. Hannah wins at Skip-Bo and Isaiah is the 5 Crowns master!
The two of them broke into a duet rendition of “I would walk 500 miles” by Vanessa Carlton at the top of their lungs in their car. Leaving Hannah’s parents sitting very confused and uncomfortable in the back seat.
They hadn’t been dating too long and hadn’t expressed their love for each other yet. Hannah wanted to say “I love you.” but she was freaking out and couldn’t get the words to come out. Isaiah just calmly reassured her that “whatever it is, I’ll still love you.”

So glad I get to be with you on your wedding day!


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